About me and my metal sculptures

Haich is an internet gallery for my pieces, some I would classify as genuine art, some more craft, and some as a kind of release for my surreal sense of humour.

Me? I’m just someone inspired by those more talented and that more beautiful. I have a 9-5 job like most, and try to squeeze in to everyday life the process of extrapolating what it is in my mind and creating the result as both time and finances allow…and, above all, I aim to enjoy it.

The key aspect is passion, every piece of art should make you think, draw feelings from your soul, whether it makes you shout with hatred or silences you with peace – if it does this it works. Everything I do I just do, from the thoughts and emotions within me – it may be right, it may be wrong, that’s more your call, I’d be very interested in your opinions.

So, here’s to entering the blogosphere…enjoy
Visit my website to see my metal sculptures www.haich.co.uk

Just perfect….

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