Art and Religion

We make sculpture for a number of reasons, it can be an escape, an outlet for pashion and frustrations as they build up inside, it can be to satisfy another through commission. It can also be a simpler method for some to communicate, an easier forum…..
Art is a release, as a religion is for some if you like, connecting people who would otherwise remain disconnected.
It offers us, as people trapped in a harsh world which as a species we’ve created but we really aren’t designed to exist in, a way to connect with something larger, a way of escaping the limitations of our individual life and individual selves.
Personally, if I’m not creating something I go quietly mad … the desire to get the image in my head out into a tangible piece is so strong it can drive me to destruction.
One of my recent works is a simple wooden cross. Measuring about 2ft by 1ft, it’s made from kiln dried walnut wood and deeply polished.
The cross was made for a picturesque and tiny Chapel at Abergeirw in North Wales.

Clearly not in any way an original piece, this is a design that is thousands of years old. It requires no special skills or materials, and is fundamentally simple to make.

Oddly ironic then, with the religious undertones that are associated with art and its effects, that it was a deeply satisfying and moving piece to make…

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