Because you’re worth it…?

A while ago, I noticed the wording on a TV advert for cosmetics. It said the product was designed “to correct nature’s imperfections”. Once hooked by what I at least considered to be quite an insidious tag line, I got to listening to more adverts for similar products, and most are of the same vain.

I touched on the power of television earlier in this blog (see January) and here we have a perfect example. The lady advertising the product(s) has “flawless” skin – this in itself then insinuates what perfect actually is – the target audience are no longer in a position to make the decision as to the condition of their own body as the TV advert has subliminally forced the image onto the world – what is worse, this image creates a “right” and a “wrong” – so if your skin has a dent, a lump, a discolouring or whatever, you are “imperfect”.

Additionally, your confidence is then tested as you go out into the world in which everyone else has succumbed to the same advertising premise, and inevitably you buy the product advertised, if nothing else then to conform.

The whole process is so manipulative and self sustaining surely it must be questionable.

It’s clear to see the effects, as we only look at ourselves in this way, which clearly shows which opinions have been influenced and which haven’t. Take these for example, all trees with lumps, bumps, growths…

…all stunningly beautiful, and yet if this was someone’s skin, it would be seen in some sense of pity, perhaps even distasteful. Does nature suffer a lack of confidence to display such anomalies? No, of course not…then why do we? We are after all part of nature….perhaps as a species we have forgotten, or perhaps the TV has made us forget.

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