Devils Hole, Jersey

On a recent visit to Jersey, we stumbled across this…

The story goes that in 1851 a ship’s figurehead washed up inside the Devil’s Hole, a crater with a tunnel formed by the action of the see. The wooden ships figurehead could not last forever exposed to the elements and was replaced by a succession of modern interpretations, this being the latest version.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reference to the artist, nor why the figurehead was kept alive in this way over the years, but it is a powerful piece well worth taking the time to visit. If anyone can tell me who the artist is I’d be very interested.
It sits on an invisible plinth just below the water level of a pond, surrounded by dense fauna and somehow floats on the still water – the pond weed, mist from the sea and eerie silence all add to the atmosphere.
I found it a vivid and powerful piece, and a clear lesson in the merit of choosing the right location for a sculpture.

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