…as with everything in life, one thing leads to another, so having made the Chain Belt, I’ve now made the next evolution, the “Heart Belt”.
It’s been made by wire eroding a solid billet of stainless to the basic shape, and then hand ground before being hand polished to finish.
The symbolism may be significantly less subtle than the Chain Belt, but carrying an emotion as a physical entity has a semblance of reassurance, and somehow brings peace and tranquillity.
Many of us wear a symbol of our faith, a Christian cross, the Islamic Crescent or the Jewish Star are just some examples. These symbols denote many emotions, but one is surely that of hope, that if we abide by certain principles and beliefs, hope prevails and we become better people as a result.
In faith, we are often at the mercy of our chosen God (in whatever guise he or she may be) We act and move in deliberate and semi-conscious ways as we are influenced by that God in which we believe. Love has many definitions, but above all to love is to be vulnerable, and again, we are at its mercy, and again we move in deliberate and semi conscious ways whilst under its influence.
So then, is love not a faith, a belief?
The only difference is that we generally choose our faith…our God……but rarely do we choose our love.

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