Inspiring sculptures

There are some pieces of sculpture that to me at least are just awe inspiring.
THE one for me has to be the Big Blue Bear in Denver, Colorado by Lawrence Argent.

Sculpture generally inspires to the point of derivative. I have made my interpretation of The Kiss by Constantin Brancusi in stainless steel with some success, but that’s the point, it’s my version, a creation based on my understanding, moving the base piece onwards to a new audience with a new material and method. This is often how art progresses, each artist takes a concept to the next step, some steps large to the point of an entirely new piece, some more subtle, a more gentle progression of the original, and both approaches stimulating new interpretation and reaction along the way…. …what strikes me about this bear is that it’s perfect, it moves me like no other, annoys me as it’s so perfect, and no matter how much thought I give it, it satisfies me so much I am neither able nor willing to formulate a different interpretation. Check it out at

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