Ironic bananas

A valuable lesson taught by a dear friend….
The world is full of sadness and evil. There’s war and crime and death all around us, made all the worse as most of it is thrust upon us by all forms of media, without thought as to the impact or consequences of continually force feeding bad news into a delicately balanced society.
This perpetual extortion of bad news, often without true fact and deliberately exaggerated to create greater impact as news moguls compete for our absolute attention, silently sends us into a miserable solemn semi-pensive state, wondering where it will all end.
So in view of this, it’s vital to find fun wherever and whenever one can…a wry private smile is a wonderful tool to surviving life. How you do it is up to you, I try and have fun with sculptures when I can, but there are there also simpler ways….so…….here are some ironic bananas…
..couldn’t resist..
….to be continued… smiles on a miserable day always should…
(feel free to add your own)

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