Size: 75mm high approx; Price: from £45; Delivery: 2 – 3 weeks

Nature is without doubt the best artist, it combines elegance with haphazard, serenity with strength and severity with peace.

These pieces were inspired by the “Le Baiser” sculpture of the early 1920’s by Constantin Brancusi, a piece that so epitimises the definition of love. Brancusi merely hints at the male and female form, leaving it entirely up to the viewer to determine or decide if the sculpture represents the tender love of a first kiss, the aged timeless devotion of an elderly couple or even the closeness of sibling love of a brother and sister.

Have they just spent lost time apart, have they just been re-united? Wherever you look in everyday life, a railway platform, a funeral, a wedding or an airport gate, somewhere two people will be replicating this pose, lost to the world except the one before them.

This clever interaction of a simplistic form with the mind of the viewer to me defines this piece, Brancusi used stone, itself an everlasting material born by nature – surely the definition of love itself? I’ve used stainless steel, perhaps a more modern material with the same criteria, it too is everlasting. It’s also a shape I have played with, one robust, strong, the other gentle, rounded and each brings different aspects of love to the work, Brancusi himself had different versions, each individual in its own right yet on the same common theme – to kiss is to love, in all its innocence and in all its depth.

The kiss sculptures are available in different styles, mounts and finishes. Sculptures are approximately 75mm x 75mx 75mm and prices start at £45 each. Please contact me with your requirements.