The natural world is a constant fascination, each life form brings with it challenges of shape and natural design that are a constant test to portray in sculptural form. All the pieces here feature various methods, fabrication, hand forging, turning, milling and laser cutting. Each one is instantly recognisable, and again with these pieces, it’s all about experimenting, using differing techniques and metals to convey an image both familiar and challenging to the eye.


Size: Life size; Price: from £85; Delivery: from 2 weeks (complex commissions may take significantly longer)

The shape of the wing on a bird is nature at it’s most perfect, and birds especially, have a divine elegance combined with a brutal sense of survival that makes them both beautiful and intimidating at once.

Birds are generally life size, so the goose shown in the gallery for example has a wingspan of almost 2 metres, the blue tit above only 150mm. As the size and material can vary so much, prices are only available by consultation. Please contact me with your requirements.


Size: Life size; Price: from £27; Delivery: 2 – 3 weeks

The bee is an insect that should be close to all our hearts, it’s such an important creature, carrying out a task on which we all rely, and yet is constantly shunned and feared and destroyed without thought.

The bee is slightly larger than nature intended, with a wingspan of approximately 60mm.


Size: Life size; Price: from £45; Delivery: from 2 – 3 weeks

The mushroom is a fungae that is fun to try and replicate. Here we have stainless steel stems which will retain their silver colouring, yet the heads are made from either brass, steel or copper, meaning, as time passes, the colours will evolve, altering the appearance, creating interesting shades of browns and greens, with the spots, if applied, also retaining their silver hue.

Mushrooms range from 60mm to 120mm high, and each one is hand made and will look different to the next. Each is available with a ground spike to help with placing in the garden, and customers may commission their own metal choices for the heads, thereby creating their own personal colour renders.


Size: Life size; Price: from £70; Delivery: 2 – 3 weeks

The African animals are a sandwich of metals joined together, each layer adding to profile, and are rarely larger than 100mm x 100mm x 50mm. All can be mounted on a range of materials by request – those shown are a combination of brass and stainless steel.