As with all these things, I have relied on the friendship, skills and patience of many so my thanks must go to all those that have helped with the specialist skills, without whose assistance none of this would ever have been realised . . . . .

Art Parks International (

Micron Alloy Castings Ltd

Derwent Castings Limited (

Poligrat (

Metal Fusion Technology Ltd (

Advanced Castings Ltd (

MPE Limited (

ARRK Product Development Group Limited (

Alicia Bauer – who built this beautiful website from poor sketches and badly described ideas (

Lost Wax Developments –

Frank Perks of Arrow Engineering (0121 5536559) whose talented, un-rivalled engineering skills bought many of my ideas to life. . . .

With thanks to Stew, the man on the lathe…

and lastly, my thanks go to the one who inspired it all . . . .