As with all these things, I have relied on the friendship, skills and patience of many so my thanks must go to all those that have helped with the specialist skills, without whose assistance none of this would ever have been realised . . . . .

Stephen at Micron Alloy Castings Ltd ( for his friendship and support, and inate knowledge of all things casting.

“Mufty” at Metal Fusion Technologies ( another skilful supporting act who so far at least, has managed not to laugh too much at my ridiculous welding challenges.

Mike at Derwent Castings Limited ( for his wonderful casting work – his recent retirement has left a glaring void in the iron foundry world – my best wishes remain with him always.

Colin Owen at MPE Limited ( for his diligence, patience and respect for my bizarre and often complex polishing requests.

Frank Perks of Arrow Engineering (0121 5536559) whose talented engineering skills bought many of my early ideas to life.

Wendy at Lost Wax Developments ( who seems to be able to investment cast pretty much anything, no matter how surreal it may be.

Clark Gordon of G H Precision Engineering (Brierly Hill) for his incredible patience and equally surreal sense of humour combined with engineering skills that go beyond the norm.

J H Shin at Seo Yeong Dietech PVT Ltd (Chennai, India) who can 3D machine any shape requested of him with a warm smile and profound graciousness.

Alicja Bauer – who built this beautiful website from poor sketches and badly described ideas (

and lastly, my thanks go to the one who inspired it all . . . .