These sculptures are created with a different outlook of the many aspects of the world today. Each is conceived with the intention to bring thought or humor, and originate from my own, often surreal, artistic outlet. Materials are primarily metals, although with this subject I have digressed into other mediums.


Size: Life size; Price: from £500; Delivery: 4 – 5 weeks

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil – it is a proverb with a good and well meaning message, if we do not hear, see or talk evil, we ourselves shall be spared evil. However, if we neither hear, nor speak nor see evil, are we not then to some extent deaf, mute and blind? Would our lives not be stifled by this concept? Surely we need these elements within our lives to make the comparison, to fundamentally understand what is good, we must surely experience the bad?

This three piece sculpture was created to provoke thought on this point, and each full size solid cast iron head compounds the stages of the proverb, to the final conclusion where we are in fact faceless.


Size: A4; Price: SOLD

The Nut and Bolt sculptures are a light-hearted play on words exploring the idiosyncrasies of the English language. Both pieces are made from genuine materials (including the walnut and the rifle bolt) and are mounted on stainless steel plates with the relevant dictionary extract as a background. Both are designed to be wall hung.


Size: 300mm x 150mm approx; Price: from £285; Delivery: circa 6 weeks

This piece has been created to visually explore the concept of guilt, an emotion normally associated with the living being.

What then, if this emotion was felt by what we perceive as inert objects, if a gun could understand its impact on the history of the world, would it feel pain to the extent as to end its very existence?

The piece is made from a replica of a Colt 45 cavalry revolver, synonymous with the wild west, where the power and influence of the firearm became truly felt, with entire cultures being destroyed at the pull of the trigger. The gun is an alloy mix, the extended and curved barrel is hand forged from steel, with the piece being mounted on a ceramic base edged with a stainless steel frame.


Size: 450mm tall; Price: Not for sale

Another play on words, this piece is constructed from 2″ stainless steel pipe, a genuine gate valve, and a flange fitting for it to stand on, all machined, welded and hand polished. The leek was a real vegetable at the photo shoot, and discarded on shoot completion – hence the piece is not for sale.


Size: A3; Price: from £125; Delivery: 3 weeks

String Theory is another humorous take on the homophone theme. Constructed from twine dipped in varnish and then sewn to a canvas and glazed and framed. Frames can make a significant diference to the outlook of a piece, so are available to customer size and specification.


Size: Nut – 100mm; Frame – according to customer specification; Price: please enquire; Delivery: Approximately 4 weeks

The centre of this piece is stainless steel, machined from a solid billet and polished by hand, proving, if anything, that a sculpture made solely for amusement need not neccessarily equate to a degradation in quality, materials or engineering. It’s character changes of course according to the mounting surface and surrounding frame, with every different location chosen, creating a new sculptural impression each time.

The nut is approximately 4” across (the frame a matter of personal choice) and can be commissioned from the artist by using the contact page.


Size: 400mm High, 300mm Wide; Price: not for sale; Delivery: n/a

This sculpture has been created to convey the frustrations an artist can encounter when an artists’ head is full of ideas, yet these ideas just will not manifest themselves with the clarity needed to create the art that lives within.

The sculpture is made from an antique Victorian bird cage, an antique padlock and a silicon rubber head. The sculpture is table mounted, although retains the original bird cage feature to enable ceiling hanging.


Size: 75mm High, 200mm Long, 85mm Wide; Price: Please enquire (see below)

This piece focuses on the beauty of imperfection, and explores our opinion as a race that any blemish is unpleasant and displeasing, and spoils a perfect surface – especially true in context with the human body.

The base is manufactured from molten iron, complete with inclusions, impurities and gas holes. The imperfection is a smooth shiny stainless steel ball bearing.

I have aimed to portray that both the base of the piece and the focal point of the piece be the exact opposite of what we would normally expect them to be – the “skin” is old, corroded and damaged, the “blemish” conversely is perfect.

The molten iron base has been sourced from a derlict site (with land owner permission) that sufferred an intense fire some 50 years ago. Consequently, I have a limited supply of the material that forms the base of this piece – additionally, each piece of iron is a different size and shape. As a result price and delivery may vary – please enquire via the Blog or the Contact page if interested in aquiring one of these limited edition sculptures.


Another homophone, and another reflection of my surreal sense of humour, which if nothing else highlights our abilities as human beings to see the same things from entirely different perspectives


Size: Nominally 250mm long; Price: from £270; Delivery: 5 – 8 weeks

A simple piece made simply for fun. There’s no deep routed poignant message, no hidden meaning to be discovered by the audience, the only objective during its creation was to simply enjoy the process and the end result.

The piece is made up of recycled genuine vintage hammer and adjustable spanner; with a hickory shaft – theoretically, it remains useable, and could complement any tool box


Another Homophone piece, an egg that transforms into a cup, complete with fold out handle for those moments when you need to smile over an expresso.
Art does not always have to be meaningful, sometimes it can just be fun.

Both halves are turned from billets of stainless steel with the complex handle and its hinge being laser cut and TIG welded in situ. To finish off, the exterior in painted in egg colours, and the handle painted to represent a fired egg.