SizePrice and Delivery: According to complexity

Some pieces of art come from profound thought, others from idealistic inspiration. These come from my inability to see anything thrown away.

They’re all a bit of fun really, exploring what can be made from someone else’s rubbish, so here we have discarded billets of steel, old bolts, broken drill bits and a host of other junk, all experimentally persuaded into familiar objects.

They demonstrate, if anything, that nothing from the steel and alloy family is really rubbish, it can all be used again in one form or another . . . if you don’t like them, just think on this, they can be recycled again in the future into anything from a tea spoon to door handle.

Each one of these pieces was constructed from recycled materials, they are all individual. Price vary dramatically according to the size and complexity of each sculpture, so its always best to contact me.