Love is not an emotion, it’s deeper than that, more like a state of being. In life, the emotions surrounding the concept of love can, by far, be the most influential. If we’re lucky, we end up in a perfect place….in love and being loved….if the journey concludes in contentment and a resounding subliminal happiness, then we should consider ourselves fortunate.

The sculptures on this page are all a reflection of that journey, and explore the myth that the process of love is an entirely happy one, whereas in reality, for some at least, the pain, fear, loss and utter loneliness felt along the way can have a crushing impact on the soul, and can change the very being of each and every one of us.

In the artists’ mind, these sculptures should be imagined mounted in a circular room, each piece telling a piece of a story, with any audience able to pick their own start and finish point, or pick out a selection, and create an artistic representation reflecting their own personal path in finding true love, be it complete, or otherwise.”

All sculptures:

Size: Varies; Price: Please enquire;Delivery: 12 – 16 weeks minimum


This piece reflects that all too frequent moment when one realizes that a love for another can be ill-founded, with the conviction, hope and belief in that love suddenly and completely destroyed, often as a result of deceit, lies or intimidation.

The sculpture characterizes our emotions as victims when what we assume to be our perfect relationship collapses with a crushing abruptness – the heart of one is deeply embedded in the other, the trust of love destroyed, eradicated completely, with the innocent painfully bleeding and the guilty dominating, overpowering and ultimately remaining unscathed.

The piece is cast* in one piece solid stainless steel, and mounted to a steel base – each heart is around 100mm long, and the complete piece is around 3kg in weight.

*The artist is currently constructing a second similar version of this piece, where each heart is CNC machined from a solid billet of stainless steel.


Cupids’ arrow is often seen as the true symbol of love, but this piece reflects the other kind of love, the cruelest kind, the one that utterly destroys its quarry, the one where love is desolate, solitary….unrequited.

The wound created by the arrow is hidden from initial view, as is the pain and loneliness of the victim. However a closer look reveals the destruction caused as the arrow has struck, tearing out the back of the heart, unseen, un-noticed, much as the crippling agony and suffocating darkness becomes apparent when one comprehends the hatred of cupids’ malice. Unrequited love has a victim, where all the days of meaning, days where lovers should be joined in happiness are the blackest, and where every other day is a rejection….love can indeed be cruel.

The heart is solid lost wax cast, with the arrow being a full size medieval replica. The piece measures around 250mm x 350mm (excluding the arrow) and weighs around 8kg.


This piece was created to portray love in its most positive guise, forever strong, bright and optimistic, unimpeded by the world around it.

The piece is made in two parts, the stem is a piece of iron, corroded, heavily worn and slowly degrading – left outside as it is, it will eventually disappear. This is life, ever changing, wearing us with age, changing us as each day passes. The heart, conversely, is hand forged from solid stainless steel, a material renowned for its corrosive resistance, its ability to withstand the forces of nature and its arduous environments. This is love, never degrading, never weakened by life around it, continual….eternal.

The piece is not for sale.


The struggle between the ties of life and the draw of love can be a powerful one, and this sculpture represents that struggle, of being enchained by the course of life, by fate, and once settled in that life, being unable to realise a true love when found outside of that life.
Rather than Unrequited, this love is confined, restrained by the complexities of situation, it is alive with strength and depth of the emotions within, but ultimately….in the end, that love remains imprisoned.

The piece is inspired by that familiar tale of love, where the protagonists part, go their separate ways, only to find their paths cross once more later in life, with that past love flaring up inside them, but one, or both, are bound by their new life, and as such are unable to act on that love, no matter how strong its draw may be.

The piece is made from a solid billet of steel, hand sculpted to the form of a heart that appears strangled and choked, bright and crisp to reflect the new found love, whereas the chain is recycled, the tie a hand forged band allowed to rust and the piece mounted on drift wood, all representing the bland mundane depression of the constricting life forbidding the love to break free.
The piece measures around 250mm x 350mm, and weighs around 8kg.


Love may exist in friends, family or lovers – we rely on this company, on the compassion and comfort it brings. We share our worries, unburden our pain, and are strengthened by the support and care that others bring into our lives. This piece is a graphical representation of a life without that love, without any love, when we have no one, and where that loneliness may lead to a life incomplete, full of uncertainty and yet empty of everything else,….where ultimately, there is only confusion.

The piece measures around 250mm x 350mm, is made from cast crystal glass and engineered stainless steel, and weighs around 4kg.”


Love is often portrayed as the ultimate pleasure, a thing to strive for and cherish, yet in reality, it has a darkness and with that darkness comes morose and sometimes threatening emotions as life plays out around it.

This piece depicts the shattering effect of the end, of the loved one walking away, the confirmation that the love is gone, and the devastating effect that that act has – the heart has lost all life, all the energy has gone – it is dust, it is dead.

The piece is constructed from a heart shape cut out from wood, which was then burnt in a fire and carefully laid out on the intentionally plain white background for capture – keeping the heart in one piece and preventing pieces blowing away was quite a challenge, although ironically, this too reflects another aspect of what the piece is portraying.
The piece is not for sale.


This piece portrays the difficulties of finding true love, the endless, often fruitless search for the one that unlocks the heart. The keys depict the relationships that did not fulfill, the people that did not bring the love desired…and as the heart continues the search, and life goes by, the heart remains empty, un-fulfilled, lonely in a crowd…

The centre piece is made from a solid billet of steel, sculpted by hand to shape the heart, and hammered over its entire surface, not only bringing a warm, textured, evocative surface finish, but also depicting the real life pounding that that heart has undergone. The keys are naturally aged, highlighting the passage of time, whilst the key hole bleeds, and remains raw inside. The whole piece is mounted on a stark white background, underlining the cold frigid circumstance of a life empty of love.

The piece measures around 250mm x 350mm, and weighs around 8kg.


When love is interrogated, dissected and analysed, it is often difficult to determine if someone has given their heart, or if it has been taken. The differentiation between the two is often blurred and unclear, particularly to the parties themselves. When love is blind, fresh and new, no one cares, but when that love begins to break, the reality matters, becomes a point of leverage and malice, and in itself can drive the destruction of the love further.

This sculpture plays on that question, is the hand giving the heart, or taking it away? It is for the audience to determine, to fit the piece into their own consciousness, their own incidence of their own love.

The piece weighs 9kg and is life size, with a carved resin arm and a heart hand sculpted from a solid block of aluminium.