Some news

This blog is part of a long running overhaul of my sculpture website, and replaces the news page. Following on from this, we are having a nice new fresh look so new sculptures which will be on-line soon.
Previous news articles on the site include details of pieces, such as Understanding Evil, a series of three solid cast iron sculptural headsexploring the influence of evil in our lives. These heads were sand cast from temporary foam patterns and are life size – they had a summer on the festival circuit visiting Glastonbury and the like showing off flower garlands for a friend’s business.
Also in previous articles is Guilt, a ceramic and steel sculpture that concentrates on this destructive emotion.
On a more light hearted note, the Walnut, a play on words. This is a very large stainless steel nut in a wooden frame, simply mounted on the wall. Adding an element of humour in a sculpture is a lot of fun for me, and it’s something I have done on several occasions.
All can be seen in more detail on the web site – if you need further details just contact me

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