String Theory

There’s a danger (perhaps) of becoming ridiculously addicted to The Big Bang Theory. Those who know me know I’m a huge fan of humorous art. The effects of too much Sheldon Cooper can be seen in this, my latest work, titled simply “String Theory” – it is simply that, a formula made from string.

Playing with the homophone theme again (you can see how I’ve played with humour before with the “Nut and Bolt” piece in the Perspective page on my website) this will end up in the same section in due course. That said, this is almost a piece of throw away art….
make – record – smile – dispose
….it’s a little bit like listening to a comedian I suppose, take the joke in, enjoy the humour and then seek out the next one …. I will be doing more along the same lines in the future (although perhaps not all will be throw away) ….there are ideas a’ brewing..
I’m no physicist you understand, but I’m fairly sure this is a genuine string theory equation; if anyone can explain it in simple terms I’d be fascinated
Lord knows what my similarly unhealthy addiction to South Park might bring….

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