The End

The 3rd piece (earlier pieces being “Unrequited” and “Lost” ) in a long term series exploring the concept of  love.

Love is often portrayed as the ultimate pleasure, a thing to strive for and cherish, yet in reality, it has a darkness and with that darkness come morose and sometimes threatening emotions as life plays out around it.

This piece depicts the shattering effect of the end, of the loved one walking away, the confirmation that the love is gone, and the devastating effect that has – the heart has lost all life, all the energy has gone – it is dust, it is dead.

The piece is constructed of a heart shape cut from a wood, which was then burnt in a fire and carefully laid on the background for capture – keeping the heart in one piece and preventing pieces blowing away was quite a challenge, although ironically, this too exactly reflects another aspect of what the piece is portraying.

Further pieces to follow explore the emotions of love further, with two more sculptures (in my more ususal medium of steel) due in the next few weeks – look out for them on the web site at 

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