The last mushroom…

So, after a beer bottle opener in various guises followed by a corkscrew, one would be forgiven for assuming I have a drink problem. Well, to prove otherwise, here is the last of the “Useful Mushroom” range.

These salt and pepper pots are made in a similar fashion to the previous entries and the set finish off the range…..for now. It’s been a lot of fun, and a huge challenge to machine and produce. The bases, as before are turned from solid stainless, bead blasted, electro-polished and engraved, and the tops are turned from solid red nylon. What with all that, plus adding the “spots” and infilling the lettering, they’ve taken a lot of effort to complete….worth it though, they look great on the table.
I have had other suggestions, appreciated of course (keep them coming) – these are filed for a future return but I have other more poignant works in mind that I really must start working on.
Soon to be on my web site as a limited edition (I only have 4 pairs) so if you want a set, grab one quick!

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