Trust in Love

Here’s my latest piece, which when finished will be solid cast in stainless steel, polished and mounted onto a Corten steel base – currently the wax is with Lost Wax Developments awaiting investment casting.


This piece portrays the all too frequent way in which the conviction, hope and belief in love can be ill-founded – the heart of one is deeply imbedded in the other, the trust of love destroyed, eradicated completely, with the innocent painfully bleeding and the guilty dominating, overpowering and ultimately remaining unscathed.

It’s another piece in my series of sculptures exploring the often over romantic notions surrounding love, and especially the symbolic heart that depicts it….

“Unrequited” – The crippling agony and suffocating loneliness of love that is not returned.
“Without” – The confusion in life where love simply does not exist.
“The End” – The dark destruction and totality of love that ends.
“Search” – The often endless and fruitless search for love in life.
“Lost” – The emptiness and lifelessness of lost love.
“Imprisoned” – The confinement of a love unavailable.
“Give and take” – The loss of one’s heart when given to another.

….each one bringing an unseen opposing image and significance to the common perception.

The piece is scheduled for casting in late February, and once complete will feature here.

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