Cupids’ arrow is seen as the true symbol of love, but this piece reflects the other kind of love, the cruelest kind, the one that destroys its victims, the one where the love is desolate….solitary….unrequited.

The wound created by the arrow is hidden from initial view, as is the pain and loneliness of the victim. However a closer look reveals the destruction caused as the arrow has struck, tearing out the back of the heart, unseen, un-noticed, much as the crippling agony and suffocating darkness becomes apparent when one comprehends the victim of cupids’ malice.
Unrequited love has a victim, where all the days of meaning, such as Christmas and Birthday and Valentines, are the blackest, and where every day is a rejection…love can indeed be cruel.

Lost wax cast in solid stainless, complete with reproduction medieval arrow, this sculpture will shortly be on my website once final photography work is complete.

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