Usefull Mushrooms

Here’s one of my latest pieces, less like art and more just practical fun.

It’s a bottle opener, the stainless steel stem is solid, so is heavy enough to stay put, the head is red nylon with stainless rivets in it, and it’s this that is used to pull the top of the beer bottle.

To add class, I also experimented with copper versions, one with protruding spots….

…and one with a smooth surface….

…all versions are practical and will be on the website soon.
They’re all a bit of fun and the hope is maybe they will bring sunshine to someone’s life.

I’m now working on a corkscrew of a similar vein and maybe a salt and pepper set….I’m entertained by the concept of developing a range, under the guise….
The Useful Mushroom Co”
.quite why is beyond me, but it does make me chuckle.
Suggestions for useful mushrooms anyone?

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